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  1. Dilmaghani Hassanlouei, B., Pourmahmoud, N., and Sullivan, P. (2023). Numerical simulation of Extracorporeal membrane oxygenators to investigate important parameters and membrane thickness in oxygen exchange rate. Journal of Computational & Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering (JCARME). 22061/JCARME.2023.9491.2273

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  1. Ho, H., Essel, E. and Sullivan, P.E. ‘Enhanced Modelling of 3D Synthetic Jet Actuators in a Crossflow’, 76th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, November 19–21, 2023; Washington, DC

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Paper published:

Shi, X and Sullivan, P.E. “Plasma Actuator Separation Control investigated with Spectral Proper Orthogonal Decomposition” accepted by AIAA J (December 8, 2023).