Current Members

Jobin Puthuparampil MASc My research includes two areas of acoustics:

  • aeroacoustics and flow-generated noise &
  • design and optimization of industrial silencers.

The goal

  1. Computational prediction of noise generated by turbulence via the Ffowcs Williams–Hawkings (FWH) aeroacoustic analogy, using numerical simulations (RANS, LES, and DES).
  2. Development of efficient and quick (industrially relevant) methodologies of optimizing muffler design for large-scale applications, combining global optimization with FEM based acoustic calculations.


Maria Wu MASc My research looks into the flow control potential of piezoelectric micro-blowers for vertical tails in commercial air crafts. This project involves the characterization of the piezoelectric micro-blowers as well as the development of an experimental set up to test the micro-blowers with a sub-scale vertical tail model. Flow visualization, hot-wire measurements, and PIV measurements will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the micro-blowers. Contact me
Marin Vratonjic  PDF Development of a novel method of hot water delivery in condominiums through field and computational studies Contact me
Zhiyuan Zhao PhD My work is focused on computational simulation of synthetic jets to control low Reynolds number flow. Contact me
 Cameron Dallas MASc My work centers around the use of MEMS actuators for active flow control on airfoils. In particular, I am interested in the interaction between the actuators and the crossflow that leads to the desired control results. To study this interaction, I am designing a new PIV system for precise boundary layer measurements. Additionally, to compliment my experimental work I am developing high performance algorithms for PIV data analysis using GPUs.  Contact me